The name ‘Resipole’ is thought to be a Norse name, from the time of the Vikings, meaning ‘farmstead’. The first occupier we have any note of is Dugald, known as 'of Sunart'. He was a son of the 1st ClanRanald, and is recorded to have died at Resipole in 1426, and buried on Iona.

Ancient burial routes ran across Ben Resipole leading to the burial site of St Finan on the Green Isle (Eilean Uaine) in the nearby Loch Shiel. This was a place of pilgrimage and burial for centuries. Resting cairns (spots where the coffin rested on the way) can still be spotted on Ben Resipole today.

The Sinclair family has been running Resipole Farm for three generations. They came to the farm in 1953, originally rearing cattle and sheep and farming hay. The first tourers started coming in the late 1950’s, and Resipole Farm Holiday Park officially opened in 1968.

Today Resipole is home to the Holiday Park, a working farm and Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery.