Resipole Farm Holiday Park - Garbh Eilean Article

Garbh Eilean - a walk through the oakwood to the shore

By Jim Manthorpe

April 2017


Garbh Eilean translates as Rough Island and it is an apt name. This small scrap of land lying just off the north shore of Loch...

Beinn Resipol Hill Race

Ben Resipole Hill Race 2016


For those of us who live here we know that one of the only ways of getting to the Ardnamurchan peninsula is by the ferry crossing at Corran. It may be a two and a half hour drive from Glasgow but it’s a journey that takes you to Resipole, a remote and...

Loch Shiel and Small Isles from Ben Resipol

Last year we asked our friend Jim Manthorpe to write a few words about his walk up Ben Resipole. Here's his article, with a few of his amazing photographs as well!  

Every summer solstice I make plans to climb a hill and sleep on the top. But most years the cloud and cold rain put me off...